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GOFY’s Team Cares About Youths and the Community, Do You?

I am honored to have the opportunity to start this great organization which is addressing the school dropout crisis and delivering self empowering educational programs to youths in the community. My experience has been phenomenal, and I can openly say it is a positive addition to my life. I can not say it is easy because it takes a lot of energy and determination to run a startup organization. Even though GOFY has only been incorporated for over a year, I can assert that GOFY has grown so much in such a short amount of time.

As GOFY’s President, I am passionate about what I do daily. I care so much about the youth population and nothing can stop me from dedicating my time, and my energy into the community. Even though the organization is not yet fully funded, I do not let the lack of funds discourage me because I know youth in the community really need the service, and that the youths and their families are grateful for all the organization has to offer. I enjoy chatting with youths and their families. Community members’ feedback is what boosts my energy, and it also help me maintain a strong and positive attitude.

The following picture is of a parent accompanied by her two children to the GOFY booth at the 34th Annual Celebrate! Gaithersburg Festival which was held on Sunday, June 12, 2016.

Youths represent our future leaders, and if we want a better community, we must invest in the youth generation. Youths can also positively change their communities; with the proper resources, they can create a legacy for the next generation. It is obvious that our community has a lack of youth opportunities. If we do not overcome this challenge, our community will suffer and youths won’t have the chance to accomplish their goals and dreams. I have heard so many stories and I believe we all should intervene.

The following is a perfect example of our motivation to provide youth with programs:

This bright young girl wishes she could go to a summer camp, but her mother stated that she does not have the money to pay for the camp because many camps are fee-based. Because of this financial burden on her family, she won’t be able to interact and connect with other youths during the summer. This girl’s mother asked me how much GOFY will charge for its service. My answer: All GOFY’s programs are completely free.

There’s always much to do, but there is not enough resources to accomplish it all just yet. So how can we prevent these barriers to programs for youth? I am asking the community to come together and support our work so youths can have access to free activities, mentoring programs and educational workshops.

I want to also give special thanks to Wegmans Food Markets, Inc. in Germantown, MD, Costco Wholesale in Gaithersburg, MD, 4imprint in Oshkosh, WI, and to everyone else who have donated to GOFY. Once again thank you for your support in making it possible for us to provide refreshments and gifts at our events. Special thanks to Giant Food, Inc. in Gaithersburg, MD, The City of Gaithersburg, and Quince Orchard Library for giving us space to host our events.

All the GOFY team members have a strong commitment and we want our youth to succeed. Are you ready to invest and make a difference in your community? Find out how you can support our work. Every penny counts. Visit the following website to learn more:!get-involved/c1z94.

Besides a monetary donation, there are many ways you can help us such as covering expenses for printing and publications, t-shirts, and sponsoring our events. If you are a grant writer and are willing to help us with our fund development process, please let me know. If you are interested in forming a community partnership with our organization, please contact me at

We kindly ask for your support to help spread the word to your families and friends and to join us at our special events. Every event detail is posted on our webpage, Facebook page, and Twitter account.

Warm Regards,

Gimie Doherty, Founder/President

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