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GOFY depends greatly on private donations, federal and state contracts, grants from private foundations, school districts and businesses sponsorship. Our fundraising coordinator has established a number of contribution options available to donors. Your donation can help in a variety of ways.

Here are some examples of how a little can go a long way:

  • $1,500 sponsors a youth to participate in the mentoring program for a year

  • $50 funds career development workshops for a youth ages 14-21

  • $200 funds career development workshop for a youth ages 14-21, including enrolling to a paid summer internship will enroll in before placing to summer paid internship

  • $7,000 provides a financial stipend to a youth who will work as a peer mentor for an average of 20 hours weekly with other youths  

  • $1,200 covers training, technology, and mentoring of one youth for a year

  • $2,500 covers the cost of Youth Annual Project, which includes the services of up to 5 youth on a project such as literature review, methodology, collecting data, analysis, and dissemination

  • $35 supports a youth for a week with daily transportation to our facility

  • $100 provides meal for a week for a youth/family

  • Gift of Appreciated Stock: a gift or appreciated stock, bond, or mutual funds can both support the program and provide tax saving to the donor

  • Legacy Gift: a planned gift in a will, trust, or other estate plan

  • Corporate Giving and Sponsorship: businesses can provide cash or grants for GOFY programs and operations. Businesses are encouraged to participate in GOFY fundraising events that take place throughout the year

Other Ways to Support the GOFY

* Sponsor a training, workshop or GOFY fundraising event

* Host a Friend-raiser to raise awareness and funds in your local community

* Share our information and host a social media-based fundraiser on Facebook, Twitter, GoFundMe, Google+ or LinkedIn

To discuss other ways to support the GOFY, please email our President at or call 240-621-0805

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