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Our vision is to empower youth through interactive educational opportunities that will help them overcome their challenges and pave their way towards a successful future. To be most effective, our youth programs are catered to specific age groups.


Our programs include internships, peer mentoring, leadership training, community-based research projects, and career and self-development. Our programs are centered around the strengths of youth. We believe that each youth, regardless of circumstance, possesses several strengths that can be used to self-empower with proper nurturance. Our programs will allow youth to use their self-empowerment to make changes in their life.



All of our programs have a focus on the following: collaborative engagement, higher education awareness, available opportunities, and skills development. 


Our youth will receive supervision, mentoring, and educational sessions by trained staff members. Staff members will use positive reinforcement, trust-building exercises, and goal achievement action plans, by engaging youth in one–in one outings and group adventures in the community.


Engagement: Youth will work on group projects, participate in youth clubs, and act as peer mentors for other youths


Education: Youth will learn about higher education opportunities. They will have the opportunity to engage in life skill lessons, increase their self-esteem, build peer relationships, and educate other youth.


Opportunity: Youth ages 14-21 will intern at different sites such as local businesses, government agencies, and nonprofit organizations.


Skills Development: Youth will gain awareness of their strengths and different skill areas.





O Mentor Program is for youth ages 9-21. Youth will work with a mentor individually or in groups and participate in various activities.

O Peer Academy Program is for youth ages 13-17. This 11-week program has an emphasis on higher education and self-development.

O Positivity Youth Seminar is a 12-week seminar for youth ages 13-21. These youth will also have the opportunity to participate in the Learning Exchange Program, along with 9-12 year olds.


O Your Opportunities Program is an 8-week program for youth ages 13-21. Youth will participate in skill-building and team-building



O Basic Assistance Program is referral-based program. This program will provide assistance to needy families. Youth and their families will be given referrals to community resources. Youth will be given assistance to basic necessities, food bank, legal services, housing referrals, clothes closet, transportation/bus passes. Staff will also help youth with applying for college/technical school and universities.


OUR Target Market Segment STRATEGY

The target market is youth ages 9-21 who are at-risk of dropping out of school or at high risk for dropping out. GOFY programs will be divided for different age groups.

9-12  TBA Team-building exercises, group activities, art projects, reading club, communication

13-17 TBA Self-esteem workshops, teen dating violence workshops, developing peer support networks, talent discovery for college

17-21 TBA Money management, career development, workforce training, internship, community projects, volunteering opportunities, peer training workshops, self-advocacy workshops

14-21 will be placed in paid summer internships. Career development, leadership, decision-making, brainstorming, analytic thinking, team building, etc. will be provided

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