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The First Year Down and Many More to Come

GOFY’s first annual anniversary that was held on Saturday, March 19th at the Quince Orchard Library was a success! Before talking more about our celebration, I want to thank various individuals and entities responsible for planning this event.

Thank you Wegmans Food Markets, Inc. for your generous donation of refreshments! Thank you to Quince Orchard Library for giving us a place to host this event. Thank you to our hardworking volunteers and staff members who worked tirelessly to ensure this event was flawless. Last but not least, I thank each and every one of you who spared their Saturday and was able to share this memorable day with us.

The goal of celebrating our first anniversary was to complete an introduction—a simple meet-n-greet between GOFY and our community members--which would also allow members to learn about us as well as voice their priorities for the youth in the community.

Here’s a look at the event being underway:


Group photo with the GOFY banner

Left to right: Sharleen Kavetski (Treasurer), Gimie Doherty (Executive Director), Angel Tan Li (Secretary), and Djethina Constane (Program Assistant)

The Board Members giving the audience a presentation about GOFY

During this event, we asked for community members to give their inputs as to the best way GOFY can help support youths in Montgomery County. Many of the suggestions were useful and many of them have already been applied to our programs’ curriculum. For example, GOFY will partner with local agencies to offer a collaborative initiative. Also, our Mentor Program offers a peer to peer interactive component, so that youth can learn from ideal mentors.

GOFY wants to build a transparent relationship with community members, so your feedback is always welcome. I want to hear more about your ideas and your visions, so please feel free to reach out to me via email at or to our Executive Director, Gimie Doherty, at

As we head into the second quarter of this year, GOFY is planning to work on different projects such as fund development and community engagement. We will host other outreach events to allow community members to continue interacting with us.


Rajeshwari Prasad, MSW, ASW, Assistant Director

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