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You see, I have always wanted to positively impact the youth population. My dream was big and the journey rocky. For five years, I worked with various groups, trying to find the niche that would stick with me. I worked with the elderly population in a psychiatric hospital. I also worked as a consultant for an agency. Through all of this, I kept coming back to work with the youth population. It was my favorite thing to do. So when I started my graduate program, I chose to specialize in macro social work because it allowed me to lead a nonprofit organization that served my favorite population!

In Montgomery County, where I live, programs and services for youth are severely lacking, so I asked myself, “Why not start one myself?” Why not start an organization that served youth? It is a fact: Many youth struggle to overcome obstacles and to cope with life’s challenges. With inspiration from one of my professors, I decided to make my vision come true. I took the leap. And here we are! Guided by social work principles and code of ethics, the GOFY team and I are hoping to make this organization a success.

GOFY’s core belief is to ensure that every child in Montgomery County completes high school. We want our youth to reach their potentials. We want our youth to taste academic success. We also want to lower the high school dropout rate. Our programs are designed to ensure that youths are provided the resources needed to receive a high school diploma. These beliefs are simple, but we still need the help of our community and its members.

We are also seeking community partners to help with fundraising and outreach. If you are interested, or know someone who is, please email me at Our organization can only be successful with a collaborative effort from students, parents, teachers, school administrators, fellow social workers, and other community members.

We are brand new in Montgomery County and our doors are not yet open, but several processes are currently in place to make this dream come true soon. Our 501c(3) application has been submitted to the Internal Revenue Service and will be approved by the end of this year. We are also in the final stages of program development to ensure that our programs are targeting youth ages 9 to 21.

March 2016 will mark our first annual anniversary. It will be an exciting time for us, so spread the word about GOFY in your social circles. Find and follow us on Facebook and Twitter. We are planning for a community-based fundraiser to commemorate this achievement, so check our website regularly to keep yourself updated!

GOFY depends greatly on private donations. If you’re feeling generous, please donate to our cause. Your donation is an investment in our community’s future. We also love feedback, so please keep us in the loop with your concerns and suggestions!

The entire GOFY team wishes you and your loved ones a happy holiday season. Stay warm, dry, and safe!

Thank You,

Gimie Doherty, Founder/President

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