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Why Invest in GOFY?

2015 has ended and your support means the world to me.

The GOFY had a great year of programming the startup process. The Board Of Directors worked over time to finalize all the steps needed to be taken. I am so excited to share the outcome of that process in 2016.

How Far GOFY Has Come in Less Than One Year of Incorporation

During the entire year, the GOFY team spent an excessive amount of time finalizing the process and implemented all five programs we wish to offer to the community. We received our 501(c)(3) certified letter and since then we have begun searching for grants. As of today, GOFY is not yet funded. The first GOFY event will be held at the Gaithersburg Library or Community Center or at Montgomery College during the Mid of March (date TBA). GOFY’s first anniversary is also coming up in March 2016.

We are excited to inform you about all the great programs the team has put together to better serve our youth. GOFY will be opening its door to youth from the ages of 9-21 who are dropping out from school or at high-risk of dropping out. Our programs will be broken down by age groups.

Ages 9-12: Team-building exercises, group activities, art projects, reading club, and communication.

Ages 13-17: Workshops on healthy relationships, mentorship, talent and strengths discovery, self-esteem, communication, and college preparation.

Ages 14-21: Summer internship.

Ages 17-21: Money management, youth seminar, career development, workforce training, community-based research projects, volunteering opportunities, peer training, and self-advocacy workshops.

GOFY also offers mentoring program to youth from ages 9-21. Our Mentor Program is designed for youth who are overcoming stressors such as immigration status, poverty, discrimination, neglect, abuse, addictions, instability in their homes and school truancy in their lives. Youth will be from four cities in Maryland: Gaithersburg, Montgomery Village, Germantown, and Rockville. Our program aims to encourage middle and high school youth to self-empower themselves towards their goals.

The Best Practices for youth Peer Mentors opportunity will be available in 2017. Youth will be working with peers to address prevalent issues in their community. They will be meeting weekly with a participant from a partner site to provide support, input for the structure of weekly online meetings, working in a team to prepare a service learning project and carry out tasks assigned by supervisors.

We will also launch on-site and online boys and girls club (date TBA). Youth will be able to connect with other youth through social media so they can share their experiences.

As we prepare for 2016, it is not too late to show your continued support by donating towards our programs. GOFY is 501(c)(3) certified, all donations are tax-deductible as allowed by law. Please help us continue to provide preparation, education, and mentoring to the youth in the community. Donations can be made through our website.

To find out how to support GOFY’s mission, contact the President at

Thanks again for all your support and best wishes for a wonderful start to 2016!

Warm Regards,

Gimie Doherty, Founder/President

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